• Dino

The Mexican Riviera

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

It took me 26 years to finally head down south for an all inclusive vacation.

Don't ask why, I guess my schedule wouldn't match with others or because I'm really not the type to sit around in one location.

One day my sister texted me about Riviera

Maya. I started thinking, there's some temples, cool places to swim, better food than some other places so I said, what the heck... I'd skip winter in Canada anytime!

Upon arrival, I didn't get to see much because I got to my resort really early in the morning, but I did admire the beautiful stars reflecting the pools as opposed to the snowy floors.

So our first official day started and we missed breakfast but no worries because we got to go to the beach and experience the Mayan waters for the first time.

There were many people and I stumbled upon some photographers taking pictures of whoever wanted to hold the parrots.

Funny me, I would take pictures of my fam behind the photographers, and whenever they would turn around I would pretend to shoot the sky or other random stuff lol.

Do you know they charged around 28 US per pic, with a very slight filter to it?

I'd probably make all kinds of money if I worked in a resort with all the edits I do haha.

Bahia Principe Coba

So far, I was trying to get used to the whole 'all-inclusive' concept and it took me about 2 whole days to finally grasp that that's how things are here. Our resort was actually pretty nice and everyone working there was very polite and friendly. But that will never change the fact that I prefer exploring and doing my own thing at my own time. I literally felt like I was in The Truman Show lol. Then came our car rental service and that pretty much amplified our experience and gave us that freedom of doing as we wish.

Tulum beach was the first beach we visited out of the resort. Upon arrival, there was a ticket section and many people queuing in line to visit this place. We ended up going straight to the beach because it was pretty hot and thought of doing the ruins later.

What do you do when you get a seat? You order some Mexican food of course!

So, theres some papas fritas (fries) , guacamole, tortilla chips, rice, chicken and fajitas!

If you head down south and get the chance to get outside of your resort, trying out different restaurants are definitely a must because you taste the authenticity way better!

I realized that from where we were sitting, the ruins were actually very visible and I got to see them a bit closer once I went snorkeling to go see some tortugas...

To be honest the snorkeling on that beach didn't impress me much as there weren't any multicolored coral reefs or really exotic fish to look at but hey... a boat ride is always exciting!

Akumal Bay

Now this was by far the best beach I was at during my stay on the Riviera Maya. It was literally a 10 min drive from our resort. This is Akumal Bay. Since this is a bay, the beach is closed off more on the sides, hence way less waves and much more beautiful clean water to swim in. The vibe was great! And one of the best parts was Lol Ha. This restaurant was right on the beach and was always booming with customers as their food is so delicious and their waiters are very friendly!

My first authentic dish that I got to enjoy, which was pretty much in my top 3 list, was this:

Mixed seafood ceviche

For those of you who don't know what exactly ceviche is, well it's simply raw fish cooked only with the acidity of lime and lemon, topped with yummy legumes and eaten with tortilla chips and hot sauce if you go pro! Very refreshing food to eat by the beach!

Souvenir shop next to Lol Ha

The following day we decided to do something pretty fun. We heard about the famous cenotes which are basically sink holes with natural water and little caves all around where you can bathe in and enjoy! Conveniently again, there were really nice ones near our resort so we didn't really need to travel far.

The first one; Cenote Azul

This was a beautiful cenote that had a couple of pools all around it which made it funner to explore. The water is crystal clear, and has a beautiful cliff in which I jumped from a couple of times. There was mini cave that I swam underwater to get to, and then there was another swim to exit which was roughly a 10 second swim in little to no lighting, beneath some stalagmites. Was I going to do it? Yes. Did I succeed? No. I had nothing but those Speedo goggles, I definitely needed a mask to protect my nose from water.

The second one; Gran Cenote

This one was gorgeous. It had a couple of parts to swim in, with lots of little turtles swimming all around. I must say, it's pretty strict getting here. They charge you for this one, and you better have US bills that aren't slightly ripped because they won't accept them as real cash. It took us 10 min trying to switch bills with other visitors so they can accept our cash. Very weird, I know.