• Dino

My daze in Poo-ket

Before I open this door and show you around the island of Phuket,

I would like to take the time to thank my Airbnb hosts from Muchshima House, located near Surin beach, for their wonderful hospitality during my stay.

With that being said, let's go out for a ride, and I'll show you around! :)

The beauty of nature

This tropical island is so pleasant to visit during the dry season, which is winter time in North America. It's always sunny, very hot, and full of surprises everywhere you go!

My first day there was a full day spent thanks to the short flight between Bangkok and Phuket.

What did I do first? I went to the nearest beach obviously! I decided to spent my first day on foot, to get to explore my surroundings and enjoy my walks. It took about 20 min by foot to get to the beach but I didn't mind because there's food everywhere you go, fresh fruit, coffee & smoothie stands, and there's lots of hills which can be great for exercising.

That moment when I see the beach from a distance always gives me an inner thrill, because I know I'll get to be partially naked, in the water, swimming like a little fishy with no worries.

Unfortunately for me, since I got there so early, I was still kind of sleepy and so I ended up falling asleep for about an hour or so, right under the sun.

I didn't even think anything would happen because I was in Bangkok for a month and a half prior to the island and I thought that I was already tanned and exposed to the sun so I shouldn't worry about sunburns. WRONG!

Note to self, ALWAYS have some sunscreen or else you'll turn like a lobster.

The night of, I started itching and noticing I was fully red. Oh boy! Does that mean I won't get to go swimming for my whole stay here? Defs NO!

Do you tell the injured dolphin to get out of the water? Of course not!

You cover yourself up from head to toe and shove yourself in the water like a good little boy!

Clear waters of Surin beach

The place where I stayed offered scooters for rent,

so I took one for only 250 baht/day (~10$ cad.)

If you're planning on traveling around the island, the scooter is the best way possible. You can easily park it, there's little gas kiosks everywhere you go in case you don't find a gas station to fill up and your burned skin gets to enjoy that breeze!

Random temple off a street

What's great about this place is that there's so many fields and open space, so really if you're a normal driver, you shouldn't worry about driving here, traffic isn't as crazy as other parts in Asia.

It's safe to say that I spent most of my time driving all over the island, beach hoping, listening to my favorite music and making pit stops for food & cool attractions.

On my third day, I did the usual, went to the beach, drank some exotic fruit smoothies and decided to do go visit a mall in the center of the city and then go check out some temples. As I left the mall, I realized there was thundering noises in the sky. Great! I was hopping it wouldn't rain but, I guess it had to. And It wasn't those rains that last for several minutes and then the sky stays clear...

Here's a cinematic shot of the rain,

just so you feel the depth of my emotions at that time lol!

I felt like I was part of that TV show Man vs Nature .

I'm stubborn, so even though I was soaked and was driving a scooter under the rain I still had to make my way to those historical sites because my GPS said I was near! I'm not quitter lol!

After laying under foliage plants for shelter next to frogs and mosquitoes during the heavy rainfall moments, I just decided to make my way like a lunatic. I don't know if God was telling me to leave and go back home because everywhere I went it was getting worse. Finally I think He realized that I'm a little psycho when it comes to wanting to explore so the sky finally calmed down and I got to visit some really cool spots, Amen!

Wat Chalong - The most visited buddhist temple in Phuket

There's so much to see over here. Such beautiful details, from the walls, to the ceilings to the landscaping with gorgeous plants. To be honest, most of the temples I saw were only from afar or on the go because I knew there was this place that had so much more to offer.

These revered monk statues, decorated with golden leaves, symbolize the founders of the temple. Buddhists from all over the world come to pray and pay respect to them.

Now the last place that I had to visit after leaving this spot was this giant Buddha statue laying on one of Phuket's viewpoints. Before I got there, there was a little farm nearby and I got to see a baby elephant up close, it was the cutest creature!

Big Buddha Viewpoint

I was actually so happy that I got to take a picture of the statue with all that foggy mist from the rainfall. It looks so cinematic. It's odd to say, but I actually enjoyed experiencing the tropics of the island because that's just a part of nature, vegetation needs water too!

As I was heading down the mountain, I was still drenched, sun was setting, so it was a race against time to get back to my hotel. Thankfully I made it with no problem, got back took a nice warm shower and got all dried up for next day's adventure!