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Updated: Mar 14

Let's start with the city of Barcelona or as they say "Barthelona." This was actually the second European country I've ever visited (besides short layovers.) Leaving the airport, my fiancée and I were excited to get to our Airbnb in Provencals del Poblenou which, good thing she picked the most ideal spot to stay in because of its proximity to places.

We only stayed for a couple of days in Spain during the first part of our vacation and so we really just needed a room for our personal belongings and a bathroom. The only place with a decent price was a shared apartment. We never did this before, but our host was this sweet old woman that was always away and had a friendly cat who I guess was her "watcher." Lol but all jokes aside, our stay was great, she was very helpful considering the little english she spoke, the only down would be the lack of a/c but at least we had a fan so that definitely was better than nothing!

One of the perks of staying in the Poblenou neighborhood is the many bakeries! I didn't know this before but apparently croissants here are the REAL DEAL, especially the chocolate ones. Each corner is dunked in a rich melted chocolate with an additional core filled with it as well. What you see in these pictures is a typical Spanish breakfast. I don't think I ever just ate croissants & bread on a daily basis. Because we were there for only 3-4 days we didn't mind living at the bakeries haha!

One bakery that stood out to is was Baluard. Besides the fact that it was 1 min walk from our AirBnb, the owner or manager was the sweetest person we met in Barcelona. She gave us some samples of stuff that were freshly baked with no charge and she explained ingredients like a true connoisseur.

Going for a walk and exploring the city was something very fun and exciting. The architecture is so beautiful and I admire the fact that they keep trees and build around them, I guess it's a European thing! The cleanliness, oh I definitely have to take my hat off because every part of the city that I visited always looked so neat and clean and there's nothing more pleasant than sightseeing in a clean environment!

I wasn't kidding about the bakeries. I have NEVER been a sweet tooth. I'm a chips kind of guy. But I guess my girl and I reversed roles in this country. She spoke to me about this on her last trip to Spain and how they make the best cookies she's ever had. She was so right! Double chocolate, chewy, tender & fresh! It was a bit pricey because it's more of a gourmet dessert shop, for example a cookie like this is almost 4 Euros... but hey you're on vacation right?

Walking is the best form of exploring. It was very hot I must admit but we'd always do it more in the late afternoon after our daily swims by the Playa del Bogatell. I didn't really bring my phone or camera to the beach because the place is HUGE with lots and lots of sand space and you have to go pretty far in the water to get to the deeper water. So better safe than sorry, we'd leave our expensive stuff home. The water is pretty average looking, but when you're in a city and really want to swim to get refreshed, you'll take anything... unless you have a beautiful pool where you're staying.

This beautiful structure here is in the Parc de la Ciutadella. We found ourselves here by complete chance, but those are the times you discover the coolest things! There's a beautiful area where you can definitely picnic if you wanted to because there's lots of grass space and greenery with a pond where you can rent a paddle boat and chill under the sun. I would say this is probably like Barcelona's mini Central Park. Lots and lots of places to take pictures for all you Instagrammers!!

Continuing the journey, you can't come here and not see the Sagrada Familia & Gaudi's house as these are what most tourists love to come check out! I took an unusual image of the church because there were just too many scaffoldings and construction equipment all around. Some parts of it were closed to go visit but I didn't mind to be honest because places like these you need a full day itinerary to full enjoy and luckily my fiancée and I are more of in the moment type of adventurers so we don't really plan too much when we travel.

Another yummy dessert we enjoyed are the churros with the melted dark chocolate. When I say I had chocolate overload in this country I wasn't kidding! I definitely would have done differently because sugar makes you crash at the end of the day. But oh well, maybe next time! The infamous blue bottle in this picture is a water bottle. I don't know why but water is sooo pricey here, it's a luxury! This one cost about 3,50 Euros for not that much in it. I actually googled the brand and it's a higher end type of water. Did you know that there are different types of waters and you can even visit a water sommelier and taste the differences according to minerals, scents, foaminess...

This was the end of Barcelona, but main reason we came here was for a wedding in Sitges which is about 40 min by taxi away from the city. Note to self, do not take the taxi if theres buses taking you to and fro because the bill gets hefty real quick! Even exiting or getting to the airport... why waste about 60 Euros when you can pay about 8 per person and enjoy the rest of that money at a restaurant? You live and learn!!!

Welcome to Sitges, this location is very small so you can get around pretty much everywhere important by foot including the beach which was a lot nicer and pleasant to swim in than Barcelona.

This part of the trip we definitely tried to eat a bit differently than in Barcelona, until we found a bakery that once again changed our lives :P

So, I won't explain anything else but that sugary thingy as that really needs an introduction. This is called a ferradura and its kind of a phyllo dough with lots of crunch and chocolate filling much like the croissant. You really have to do yourself the favor for this one. I even bought some for the plane ride back home lol.

Tomato bread and cheese is a typical snack in Spain, it's very delicious and a great option if you don't know what to quickly eat.

This place is a butcher shop and funny store, as we entered the counter had the bread so I figured, "Out! They offer samples, that's great... didn't know they do that here!" Well they don't! As I grab it the woman freaks out and says No and does a hand gesture trying to explain it's not free, as I'm about to put it back she tells me to take it because I obviously just touched it lol... Oops!

There was this Indian owned empanada place close to this smoothie shop we'd often go to.

Both the pizzas and empanadas were very delicious, this place was popping with people coming in and out. This specific one was a green onion/leek flavor and the empanada was spicy chicken.

This is what a Spanish tapas plate looks like. You essentially chose different types of appetizers and they either bring them plate by plate or all in one. This plate had patatas bravas with a creamy and spicy sauce, some peppers, cold cuts, chicken skewers, and cheese poppers.

Now for the wedding... I admit it isn't something necessary to talk about, one would think, but this has got to be the nicest venue I've ever been at in my life, so I thought I'd share. This marks the end of my travel blog in Spain. In sum, this place was very unique, with beautiful architecture to stare at anywhere you go. I believe when you have the right person in your life, every travel will always be more fun and exciting. Bonus: you may even become a sweet tooth! :P

I'll leave you in awe with these beautiful pictures taken by my phone of this wonderful venue of Finca Mas Solers.

Till next time!

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