• Dino

Touring around Corinthia

Updated: Mar 14

Lake Doxa

When you tell people the word "Greece", they automatically think of the islands, white and blue houses, good food, and Zeus.

Little do they know, this beautifully country, in which I'm blessed to come from, offers way more than just beaches and sun!

You can explore many mountains, ski in certain northern parts, find deserts to sand-board, visit many biblical and unique historical sites other than the Parthenon... basically view Greece in a completely new way that you never thought existed!

I got to stay in a very peaceful part of Greece called Xylokastro, which is part of Corinthia. It's less populated, more of a village, way less action compared to the busy cities, and a great change of scenery for those who want some quiet, nature infused time.

Here's the gorgeous church of Panagia Faneromeni, located close to the entrance of the town.

I got to stay at my sister's in laws' place which kind of felt like a farm to be honest because there's cats, ostriches, roosters, rabbits, and a couple more animals.

From pear trees to fig trees and all types of edible produce. This place has it all!

Don't let the angle fool you, I was perfectly safe :P

Greek villagers are super proud when it comes to cultivating and growing their own food because the food is biological and authentic.

For all you organic-Non-GMO people out there, you'll be worrying way less about what foods you'll be eating in Greece.

I mean... just take a look at how orange the eggs are compared to those pasty yellow eggs we eat in North America! Oh and don't forget to juice your fruits, you'll be in heaven!

Now let me get back on topic and talk to you about all the cool places I visited!

As a start, I decided to be sleeping on the rooftop.

a) I've always wanted to try it

b) Privacy

c) I get to sleep under a sky full of stars

d) I get to wake up to the sunrise

e) Oh, and almost forgot the main reason; no A/C :|

Every night was cloudless and filled with billions of stars, it took me a while to figure out how to take a decent picture of them!

They say the best way to wake up is with the sun easing in on you and I couldn't agree more!

This image has no filter btw.

This is how I'd start my days. Wake up around 6:30, grab some fruits on the go, take one of their bikes, put my music on, coast down an empty road next to the sea and pick a spot for my morning swim!

Being alone on a beach, crisping under the Mediterranean sun, is by far the best way I have ever woken up in my life. You just find fun and excitement in the most simple things. I was always just in awe. I didn't even have access to the internet at their house which was the best thing!

If I wanted internet, I had to bike for 15 min to this beach bar. I was A-OK with that!

Oh and just a heads up, the Corinthian waters have jellyfish lurking around. I forget when exactly they come out but it's mostly in August, and mostly just in the mornings when the water is at its calmest. I did get stung a couple of times but wtv, nothing crazy, I'm a big boy! :)

One day, we decided to go up the mountain because we heard of the great views it had and this beautiful little church. Any time you drive up a mountain in Greece, there will be many swirls, steep heights, and narrow paths. Make sure to bring those dizzy pills with you if that's your thing!

We finally made it to the top and got to visit the site, it was kind of small, so not so much to see, but they did have a little shop for people to buy various handmade holy objects which were great!

There was this other place, Lake Doxa, on the Western side of Corinthia, that was about an hour or so away.

Many tourists from around the world have visited these grounds because there is a lake elevated 900m in between the mountains, and there's a sacred monastery over there.

It was the coolest thing driving so high up and finding a beautiful hidden lake.